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Frequently Asked Questions

What size are the Magnets?

Our magnet sizes vary depending on the product and dimensions will be stated on the product order page. Dimensions of our main products are below:

MagnaPix Photo Fridge Magnets: 68mm x 68mm.

MagnaPuzzle 16 piece magnetic jigsaw: 210mm wide x 140mm high.

A4 Magnetic Planners: 297mm x 210mm

A3 Magnetic Planners: 420mm x 297mm

Each magnet is printed in vivid colour and finished with a matte textured laminate coat to keep them protected so you can be sure your memories will be long lasting.

The magnetic backing is stong and 4mm in depth. Click for reviews of our MagnaPix Products

We ship all over the world.

  • We allow up to 6 business days for production.
  • Shipping times are then as follows:
New Zealand3-6 working days2-4 working days
Australia4-11 working days4-7 working days
United Kingdom6-12 working daysNot Available
United States6-12 working daysNot Available
Rest Of World6-12 working daysNot Available

* Express Delivery is not available on all products

Shipping cost is based on weight so depends on the product ordered, quantity and shipping service selected. Shipping will be calculated at checkout.

As an example, for 1 or 2 sets of MagnaPix, sent to a New Zealand address, the shipping cost is NZD $6.00 for Courier Delivery (NZ Couriers or Courier Post).

For 1 or 2 sets of MagnaPix, sent to an Australian address, the shipping cost is  AUD $9.95 for Standard Tracked delivery via NZ Post or $19.95 for Express Courier Delivery via Aramex Couriers

We have 2 main delivery methods for items being delivered in New Zealand and Australia, but please be aware that we cannot guarantee that a specific carrier will be used when processing your order. In some cases we may use carriers that offer a comparable delivery service to that which you select.  For United Kingdom, United States and Rest of World we use the New Zealand Postal delivery service

Each method of delivery has its own estimated delivery time and separate price.

Our available delivery methods are:

Standard Delivery
Standard NZ Post delivery. No tracking. No signature required. The address provided at the time of order must be correct or we will need to charge again if incorrect address provided. 

Express Delivery – NZ and Australia Only
Delivery by courier (NZ Couriers in New Zealand and Fastway in Australia). This is a tracked, signed service so a signature is required. Please state in the delivery instructions if you do not require a signature upon delivery.  The couriers will not deliver to PO Boxes.

Please contact us at team@magnapix.net advising your name and order number. Please check your order confirmation email to ensure the address you supplied at the time of order was correct. We will endeavor to reply to you as soon as possible.

If your order has not yet been dispatched yet, please contact us immediately and we can update the delivery address. If your order has already been dispatched and you paid for Express Courier delivery we may be able to contact the courier to amend the address they have or ask them to redeliver. If however you have chosen standard delivery, unfortunately there is not a lot we can do.

The ideal format is a good-quality JPG in rgb colours. You can crop and rotate the photo easily during the order. You can use standard photos from your phone or camera; there is no need to edit them in advance.

The minimum photo size for MagnaPix is 100KB and the Maximum is 9MB. For all other products the minimum photo size is 150KB and the maximum size is 9MB.

We download Instagram and Facebook photos in the best quality available.

Yes, just email us at team@magnapix.net and we will email an invoice to you.

Just enter the code in the voucher code box once you have added an item to your basket.

We're sorry to hear that you were unable to place your order or that the payment did not process properly. If your card payment was not accepted, we recommend that you double check your card details and try again, or contact your bank who will be able to identify the issue and help you.

If the order is still not processed, please contact our customer service team at team@magnapix.net who will be happy to resolve this for you.

If you notice that the order amount that was charged from your card and the amount on the invoice doesn't match, please contact us.

MagnaPix does not claim any ownership for any of the content, including any text, data, information, images or photographs that you upload. MagnaPix does not transmit or store your images.

Benefits of Meal Planning

There really are heaps of benefits of meal planning, such as:

1.  Money saving

Meal planning saves money as you are only buying what you need for the week ahead. You’ll end up dining out or ordering takeaways less  when you have a meal already planned. Planning your meals around what you have in the cupboards at home and what foods are in season also helps save money. Tip: Buy extra meat when it is on special at the supermarket and freeze it.

2.  Time Saving

Whilst it takes extra time to create the meal plan, meal planning does save time as you only need to make one trip to the supermarket each week. Also having a meal plan prevents you wandering around the grocery store aimlessly. You can prep for the meals in your free time (maybe the weekends if you are busy working in the week), rather than when you’re under pressure to put a meal on the table.

3.  Nutritiously balanced meals

Meal planning helps you to create meals that are balanced and nutritious. When planning the week’s meals ensure you have a good balance of protein, carbs and veges.

4.  Avoids food wastage

As you’re only buying the foods that you know you’ll need for the week ahead, rather than heaps of veges or meat that will go off, you will avoid wasting food, again saving money. Countdown offer some handy hints for how cut down on food waste each week


Read our blog for more information on how to meal plan

Running a household is A LOT of work and it doesn’t need to be all the responsibility of one person.                                                                  

To help your household run smoother, consider using a Family Chore Chart. Chore charts can be a great tool as they instill a sense of responsibility in children, when you involve them in tasks they are capable of doing. Assign tasks based on the child’s age and capabilities and get buy-in from the kids at a family meeting.

By adding parents' names to the chore chart, children will perceive it to be fair and parents are leading by example. You could assign a specific area of the house for each family member to keep clean and tidy (e.g. kids – playroom & bedrooms) or alternatively, divide the household tasks up between all family members or even rotate the tasks by day or by week.

If you decide to divide the household tasks up by family members, read our blog with the steps to follow....

You will have received an erasable pen in the package along with your magnetic planner. The rubber at the end of the pen is the best way to erase small amounts of text when you're updating the planner through the week.

At the start of a new week, it may be quicker to take a damp cloth (or kitchen towel) and wipe off the whole lot, then dry it before starting again. For any really stubborn text (if you end up using whiteboard markers that are more stubborn and smudge), we recommend using a bit of Jif - this does wonders and gets the planner back to being beautifully white again 🙂

If you cannot see a magnetic planner that suits your needs, please contact us providing a description of the changes/design you require and we can advise the price.

The fridge is half full and my kids love looking at them, where we’ve been, what we’ve done every time they look at it!

~ Michelle H