Collection: Meal Planners

Introducing Our Reusable Magnetic Whiteboard Meal Planners

Elevate your meal planning experience with our reusable magnetic whiteboard meal planners, customisable and proudly produced right here in New Zealand.
Key Features:
  1. Easy-Clean Surface: Effortlessly wipe away your meal plan with our specially coated whiteboard surface, ensuring a fresh start for each week's culinary adventures.
  2. Personalisation: Make it your own! Customize the title of your meal planner to reflect your family's unique style and preferences, adding a personal touch to your kitchen organization.
  3. Complimentary Marker: Each meal planner comes complete with a black magnetic whiteboard marker, ready to help you map out your weekly menu with ease.
  4. Size Options: Choose between the convenient A3 or compact A4 sizes to perfectly complement your kitchen space and planning needs.
  5. Secure Magnetic Backing: Our planners feature a robust magnetic backing that firmly adheres to your fridge or any other magnetic surface, preventing sliding and ensuring your meal planner stay securely in place.
Our collection of Meal Planners includes Pastel, Botanical, and Nature Designs as well as our Te Reo Collection