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Reward & Chore Charts with photo upload US

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Our Magnetic Reward Charts and Chore Charts with photo upload are a personalised tool to help and encourage your child to change a behaviour or reach a desired goal. 

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Reward charts are a great tool for changing children’s behaviour and come in a variety of different forms. The aim is for your child to obtain a certain number of stars ot ticks that add up to a reward. Charts can also be used for Kid's as "Chore" or "Task" charts. Each chart is fully customisable, so the heading can be written as a Chore or Reward Chart or even a job or pocket money chart! These charts enable you to upload your own photo, so the chart is totally personalised for your child!


  • Keep your child's tasks or desired behaviours continuously visible on the fridge
  • Ability to personalise with child's name and ability to add their photo! 
  • Available in 2 popular Kid's themes space and princesses
  • Re-usable Whiteboard surface so text can be eaily erased, enabling you to easily change the behaviours/chores and use the chart time and time again
  • Black whiteboard marker included
  • Size A3 or A4
  • Magnetic backing adheres it firmly to the fridge (or any other magnetic surface) with no sliding
  • Designed and produced in New Zealand

Princess Chore Chart

Thank you so much for the magnets which arrived today. They were super easy to order and arrived really quick. I love the quality too. Will definitely be ordering some more soon.

~ Emily W