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MagnaPix Photo Fridge Magnets

from €8.95

Impress your friends and recall those special moments with each trip to the fridge. Show your loved ones how special they are with a gift of Magnapix Photo Fridge Magnets. Every pack of Magnapix contains 8 square magnets measuring 68x68mm. Magnets will print with a white border. Please make sure you fill the gray upload box completely with your images.

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MagnaPuzzle Jigsaw Magnets


These fun MagnaPuzzles are a favourite with children and adults alike and you will have hours of fun putting the pieces back together. Each personalised puzzle contains 16 pieces and is 210mm wide x 140mm high.

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Personalised Chore Charts


Tired of nagging your kids about chores, and hearing the same excuses? A magnetic Chore Chart keeps track of who has done what...

Each Chore Chart Magnet can be fully personalised comes complete with a write on-wipe off pen and is A4 size

To personalise the Chore Charts with your family's names, just type your customised text in the 'Personalised Text' box.

Weekly Task Planner

Weekly Magnetic Planner


Plan your family's weekly schedule with one of our Magnetic Fridge Planners. Now you can stay organized, and get through the chaos of the week with ease!

Each Fridge Planner comes complete with a write on-wipe off pen and is A4 size

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Magnetic Meal Planners


Meal planning is an important task because it saves time and money, promotes healthier choices, improves grocery shopping skills, and keeps meal times fresh with variety. Keep our Magnetic Meal Planner conveniently on your fridge and plan all your meals for the week ahead.

Each Meal Planner comes complete with a write on-wipe off pen. The Magnet size is A4.

Magnets  | Fridge Magnets NZ | Reward Chart Magnet | Reward Chart

Magnetic Reward Charts


Our Magnetic Reward Charts for kids are an ideal tool to help and encourage your child to change a behaviour or reach a desired goal. And because the reward chart fixes to the fridge, the goals are continuously visible. 

Our Reward Chart Magnets have a whitebaord surface so text can be eaily erased, enabling you to easily change the goals and use the chart time and time again. Each comes complete with a write on-wipe off pen and is A4 size. There is the ability to personalise the Reward Charts with children's names, just type your customised text in the 'Personalised Text' box.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Give a MagnaPix Gift Voucher as a gift to your loved ones. Choose the product you wish to gift and we can send the voucher directly to the recpient or to you. The recipient will have a year to use the voucher from the date of purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: The price includes the shipping of the product to the recipient. If you are ordering for more than 1 customer, please add each voucher to the cart and select another one. The Qty option is for ordering more than one voucher per customer.

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Daily Magnetic Task Planners


Plan out your Family's week or day and keep the tasks visible on your fridge with a one of our Magnetic Fridge Planners.

The Daily Planners are a particularly great idea to give some structure to the day, whilst the kids are home from school or during the School Holidays. The Weekly Planners can help you stay on top of  all the choas the weekly family activities and sports bring!   

Each Fridge Planner comes complete with a write on-wipe off pen and is A4 size. There is the ability to personalise the daily planner with family names - type your customised text in the 'Personalised Text' box.

Magnets | Magnet Invitations | Kids Dinosaur Party | Invitations

Magnet Invitations


Magnet Invitations are a creative way to get the word out about your party and keep your date stuck in their mind! We have a range of designs to choose from. Simply upload your image and your customised text and we will send you a proof of your invitation before we print. Can't find a design you like? We can create a custom design for you.

Each invite is 135mm x 100mm.

Fridge Magnets NZ | Magnets | Save the date

Save The Date Fridge Magnets

from €0.80

Excite your wedding guests and mark their calendars for a celebration of love with our Wedding Save the Date Magnets. We offer a range of sizes and shapes. Upload your image, personalise the text and we'll do the rest. We'll email through a sample of the design before we print.  Want a custom design? Contact us for a quote.

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PromoPix - Business Magnets

from €0.46

Promote your business with stunning Promotional Fridge Magnets. Remind your customers of your service every time they visit the fridge! Discounts for larger volumes ordered. Price is inclusive of GST (taxes).

Magnets NZ | Large Fridge Magnet | Fridge Magnets

Large Fridge Magnet


Have an extra special image that you would like to display in large on your fridge? Upload your image as one of our popular large picture magnets. These are 210mm wide x 140mm high.

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Gift Magnets


Shop our Gift Magnets with Inspirational Quote Magnets with our beautifully designed Magnet Sets. Have your own idea for a quote - upload your design here

Thank you so much for the magnets which arrived today. They were super easy to order and arrived really quick. I love the quality too. Will definitely be ordering some more soon.

~ Emily W