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5 Reasons Why It Is Important To Print Your Photos

5 Reasons Why It Is Important To Print Your Photos

We live in a society of photo takers but not photo printers. Each day we take more and more photos with our easily accessible smart phones, but we are printing photos less than we ever did. Although we all continually share our photos to Facebook, Instagram an other social media sites, these can be easily dismissed and forgotten  and young children miss out on viewing them. Although we do all find joy in sharing and viewing our photos digitally, it’s even more satisfying when we print them out. Printed images inspire us, lift our mood and bring back beautiful memories.


1. Memories 

Printed photos help us recall those special moments every time we see them. They open a dialogue with those around us, bringing people closer and, as time passes, they help keep your precious memories alive. The memories we decide to print are ones that inspire us and that remind us of happy times and the important things in our lives. Printing these memories into physical copies of our photographs brings cherished moments back into our lives. 


2. Kids' self-esteem 

Studies have shown how important having photos of themselves on display is for children's self esteem and confidence. Your child will feel valued that you have taken the time to print images of them and it makes them feel special because you want to see pictures of them every day. Photos give children a sense of security and belonging. The emotional value of a printed photo far exceeds that of a digital download and helps bring families closer.

To display your printed family photos in easy to reach places. Photo fridge magnets are a great idea as they can withstand kids’ sticky fingers and, being located on the fridge, they are easy for kids to pick up and hold. Encourage young children to find themselves in a photo, as this helps build their sense of identity, helping them recognise their own value and increases self-esteem as they get older. 

3. Digital Prints are hidden 

Photos are too precious to live on phones or hard drives where they are hidden and it makes it difficult for children to enjoy the memories that make up their little world.

Hard drives and storage drives can fail, so it’s best to have tangible photos right in front of you. And these can be passed down to future generations.

We don’t need to print all our digital photos, just the ones that are really special to us and are worthy of being printed. Once a year I go through the thousands of photos we have taken and print a selected few for display on magnets or in photobooks


4. Printed photos become a tangible part of your world 

A photo is a photo whether it is viewed on social media or printed. However, printing an image and displaying it makes it tangible and it becomes a part of your world.  A photo on display can be easily enjoyed for many years while digital photos need secure storage and management and can be dismissed unless you actually seek them out. A printed photo displayed in the home is given a physical existence and becomes a part of daily life. 

5. Print photos for gifts 

Taking beautiful photos needs time and effort - not to mention encouraging our family and friends to pose for us!  Make the most of your photos by printing them as photo gifts and sharing your favourites with your nearest and dearest.  Photo gifts make perfect Christmas and Birthday presents and are extra special as they are unique and thoughtful. Buy a personal and lasting gift for your family and friends to remind them of milestones in their lives by having your photos printed onto mugs, fridge magnets, photo books and magnetic jigsaw puzzles and make a thoughtful and lasting gift for the important people in your life.

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