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How to remove shadows from faces

How to remove shadows from faces

Don’t you hate it when you take a family photo at the beach and the faces are all dark and in shadow? In a couple of clicks you can easily improve the quality of your photo prints and remove those shadows. Once you’re done, you know you will get even better results when you order your photo magnets!  Watch the below video or follow these steps;

1. Find your image in the image library

2. Click on edit in the top right 

3. Change the lighting to 'studio lighting' (note this only possible if the image was taken in portrait mode on iphone - otherwise go to step 4.)

4. If you are happy with the lighting click save, if not find the 'shadows' menu and drag the shadows up till you are happy with the image.

That's it, you're done!  your photo will look alot better printed out now that those faces have been lightened up!


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Posted 6 months ago

“The magnets are awesome, such good quality and I really appreciate the wonderful customer service!”

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